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Leping Qike Chemical Co., Ltd.is located in Leping city in the northeast of Jiangxi province. Lying in the golden triangle region among “Nanchang-Jiujiang-Jingdezhen”, Leping has large population, convenient traffics, booming market, beautiful scenery, abundant resources and materials. Covering an area of 27,000sqm, Qike is equipped with complete equipment and inspection facilities, and owns standard plant and warehouse, which are suitable for chemical production. On the basis of production of APIs and intermediates, we are working hard on the development of hi-tech and value-added fine chemical products; our main product are TBA (auxiliary), DMAPMA (auxiliary), DBN (intermediate), DBU (intermediate), and Melamine (API), etc. Now, our products are well sold in the world; they are highly appraised by our customers in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and resin industry, etc...
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Qike Chemical main products
Companies to raw materials and intermediates as the basis, and gradually develop high-tech, high value-added fine chemical products. Annual production of TBA, DMAPMA, DBU, DBN and other additives and pharmaceutical intermediates products, raw materials.
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