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Basic information    
Product name tert-Butyl acrylate (TBA)
CAS RN 1663-39-4
EINECS RN 216-768-7
Molecular structure
Molecular formula C7H12O2
Molecular weight 128.17
Quality index Item Qualified product First grade Top grade
Appearance colorless transparent liquid
Refractive index (20℃) 1.4070~1.4130
tert-Butyl acrylate ≥ 99.6% ≥ 99.8% ≥ 99.9%
Moisture ≤ 0.03% ≤ 0.03% ≤ 0.03%
Density(25℃) 0.880~0.886 g/ml
Chroma ≤ 10
Inhibitor (MEHQ) 10~20ppm
Physical and Chemical Properties Melting point -69 ℃
Boiling point 121℃
Flash point 11℃
Water-solubility 2 g/L
  Dangerous mark symbol symbolF;Xn 
Security data Dangerous category code R11; R20/21/22; R37/38; R43; R52/53   
Safety instruction S16; S25; S37; S61   
Transport Numbers of Dangerous goods UN 1993 3/PG 2
Uses tert-Butyl acrylate is a kind of very important chemical basic raw material and intermediate, because of unique and strong active polar molecules, unsaturated double bond and carboxylic acid ester (- COOR) structure, it can be derived out many kind of the polymer formulas with the good performances, and processed in emulsion polymerization, solution polymerization and copolymerization, it can produce plastic, s crosslinking polymer such as vinyl monomer copolymerization, styrene and vinyl acetate and methyl methacrylate (mma), acrylonitrile, acrylamide, vinyl chloride, etc. Tert - Butyl acrylate carbon - carbon double bond on polymerization reaction get polymer, colorless transparent, with excellent light stability, weather resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, resistance to chemicals and good chemical properties and physical properties, strong cohesiveness, good transparency, clear film, so it is widely used in coating, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber, plastic, leather, paper, adhesive, packaging materials, water treatment, metallurgical mining, daily chemical products, etc.
Main Uses:
Coating resin (high solid coating formula) regulator of Powder paint for thermal liquidity Automotive OEM/surface varnish, high-grade car repair paint 
Polymer paper tackifier Used as a coating material of solid drug or adhesive polymer products for hair care, such as hairspray.
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